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Yamaha P-525B

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1729,00 €
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  • Ref : 108581
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Draagbaar digitale piano

The Yamaha top-of-the-range portable digital piano features wooden keys, CFX and Bösendorfer tones, and offers the performance of a real piano with a refined design, perfect for playing at home or small gigs. It is compatible with the optional LP-1 or FC35 three-pedal pedalboards.

The top-of-the-range model in the P series, offering pianistic qualities and features that will delight the most experienced pianists.

The P-525 is the flagship model in Yamaha's acclaimed P-Series of compact digital pianos, offering outstanding pianistic performance and a host of remarkably reproduced sounds.

The piano sounds are taken from two of the world's leading concert grand pianos: the Yamaha CFX and the Bösendorfer Imperial.

The power of its loudspeakers and the variety and quality of its sounds, including organ and electric pianos, have been considerably improved over its predecessor, the P-515.

The wooden keyboard, much appreciated for its touch, has been upgraded from the NWX keyboard to the 88-note GrandTouch-S™ keyboard. This brings the playing experience even closer to the feel of a grand piano.

With registration memories for saving and recalling favourite settings and many other useful and practical features, the P-525 is also perfect for use as a stage piano.

GrandTouch-S keyboard for a realistic playing experience
The P-525 features the GrandTouch-S keyboard, also found on Yamaha's Clavinova digital pianos, for the closest possible grand piano feel.

The GrandTouch-S keyboard faithfully reproduces the subtle variations in timbre associated with differences in the strength, speed and intensity of the musician's touch, offering a variety and richness of interpretation worthy of a grand piano. The keys are made of solid wood and the laminated structure makes them resistant to deformation and exceptionally durable.

Reproduces the sound of two world-class concert grand pianos in a compact instrument
The P-525 features Yamaha CFX and Bösendorfer Imperial sound. The CFX features sparkling highs and deep basses, while the Imperial offers a warm sound well known as the Viennese sound.

Despite its compact size, the P-525 allows you to fully experience the distinct qualities of these two wonderful pianos.

Play famous songs from the past with realism
The P-525 offers optimised sounds for organ, electric piano and other keyboard instruments.

The engineers behind these enhancements are experts in organ and electric piano sounds and the musical culture associated with them. Their efforts to create faithful simulations of these familiar sounds (such as the attack of an organ and the characteristic sound of the Leslie effect, the reverb, distortion and other sound effects of the electric pianos that defined the pop music of the 70s and 80s) result in a realistic and immersive reproduction of these instruments as if you were playing the original model.

Practical features for live use
The P-525 has a registration memory function that allows you to save and recall your favourite settings, which is extremely useful for intimate gigs in cafés, bars and other small venues. You can prepare the settings for all the tones and rhythms you want to use at home and recall them instantly when you're ready to play live. It's also easy to switch from one tone to another in the middle of a song.

Other features include Sound Boost and an adjustable EQ, so you can hear the piano when playing with other instruments in a band.
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Technisch papier

  • Aantal toetsen 88 toetsen
  • Pianokleur Zwart
  • Toetsensoort Gewogen toetsen
  • Length/depth: 37.6 cm
  • Width: 133.6 cm
  • Height: 14.5 cm
  • Weight: 22 kg
  • Number of keys: 88
  • Touch type: heavy
  • Keyboard mechanism: GrandTouch-S wooden keys
  • Touch adjustment(s): yes
  • Touch coating: Ivorite
  • Wooden keys: yes
  • Pedals: 3
  • Sound generator: Yamaha CFX & Bösendorfer Imperial Binaural Sampling
  • Polyphony: 256
  • Number of tones: (542) 44 + 18 drums + 480 from XG bank
  • Including binaural piano(s): 2
  • Pedals: 3
  • Piano sound settings: yes
  • Split: yes
  • Dual mode: yes
  • Transposition: yes
  • Metronome: yes
  • Recorder: yes (midi & audio)
  • Rhythm accompaniment: yes
  • Arranger: yes (bass only)
  • Learn function: yes
  • Amplification: 2-way: 2x (20W + 6W)
  • Speakers: Oval (12 cm x 6 cm) + 2.5 cm (dome) x 2
  • Headphone jack(s): yes, 2
  • Audio output: yes (2x jack 6mm L/Mono + R)
  • Audio input: yes (mini-jack + Bluetooth)
  • Midi: USB to Host (type C)
  • USB to Device: yes (type A)
  • Bluetooth: yes
  • Wifi: no
  • Power supply: PA300C
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