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Nux NEK-100

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Draagbaar digitale piano

The NEK-100 is a digital piano offered by the Nux brand.

Key Features of the NEK-100

  • The NUX NEK-100 combines advanced NUX technology to provide a comprehensive and practical keyboard, ideal for beginners, outdoor performances, and home use.
  • Powered by its internal rechargeable battery or the included 12V adapter, this instrument is both compact and lightweight, while offering a multitude of sounds, styles, effects, and accompaniment options.
  • An additional "Live Music" mode offers 20 variations of music and various effects.
  • High-capacity rechargeable battery, perfect for outdoor performances. The built-in 3000mAh rechargeable battery can run continuously for over 10 hours, even at high volume, and can be recharged while you play, eliminating the hassle of replacing AA batteries. The keyboard weighs only 3.1 kg, making it perfect for traveling musicians.
  • The control layout is simple and intuitive, providing quick access to all functions, with options to transpose, split, or layer the keyboard, respond to touch, modulate pitch, and Bluetooth connections. The NUX NEK-100 hides a full range of options in a very portable and convenient format.

Key Functions of the NEK-100

Nux Nek-100 - Draagbaar digitale piano - Variation 4

"Live Music" Mode

The "Live Music" mode of the NEK-100 makes your performances more versatile and enjoyable! Each of the 20 "Live Music" songs includes 4 tracks with 3 phrase options each. It's possible to freely combine different phrases, add bridges, use various effects, and switch with normal patch sounds for standard right-hand playability, making your live performance more expressive.

Nux Nek-100 - Draagbaar digitale piano - Variation 5

Sounds and Playing Experiences for Different Styles

In addition to the grand piano sound, the NEK-100 offers you a total of 500 sounds to choose from. Organ, electronic piano, orchestral sounds, it's easy to layer sounds to inspire your playing! The NEK-100 features a semi-weighted keyboard with 5 touch response curves, as well as a modulation wheel, allowing you to accurately express the details of your performance.

Nux Nek-100 - Draagbaar digitale piano - Variation 7

Automatic Accompaniment

The automatic accompaniment functions of the NEK-100 allow you to easily control the accompaniment group with your left hand. 100 internal demo songs and 100 rhythm styles are available to play, covering pop, jazz, rock, dance music, etc. You can also switch to single-finger mode to trigger chords more easily.

Nux Nek-100 - Draagbaar digitale piano - Variation 6

Simple Connections and Versatile Functions

The USB-C MIDI connection designates the NEK-100 as a controller within a DAW software studio, and another USB-C port is provided for the included Bluetooth adapter NBT-1 (Audio and MIDI). The sustain pedal input, auxiliary input, headphone output, and line output complete the connection panel at the back.

The NEK-100 offers 3 types of reverb, and has rich functions such as dual voice, split keyboard, octave shift, etc. Save your own presets in the 5 user preset locations, making each performance more personalized and convenient.

Expert Reviews

  • Its solid construction quality and advanced features, such as built-in lessons and connectivity options, make it an excellent choice for beginners and aspiring musicians. Additionally, its stylish design seamlessly fits into any living space.
  • Its many features, such as the various sounds and effects, make it a versatile choice for live performances and studio recording.
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Technisch papier

  • Aantal toetsen 61 toetsen
  • Pianokleur Zwart
  • Toetsensoort Half-gewogen toetsen
  • Included Accessories
    • Power adapter, sheet music stand, user manual, Bluetooth module NBT-1
  • Aftertouch
    • No
  • Category
    • Portable
  • Color
    • Black
  • Dimensions (mm)
    • 925x252x80
  • Inputs
    • Expression pedal, Auxiliary
  • Metronome
    • Yes
  • Number of Sounds
    • 500
  • Number of Keys
    • 61
  • Outputs
    • Bluetooth MIDI, Headphone, USB/Midi
  • Touch
    • Semi-weighted
  • Transpose
    • Yes
  • Technical Specifications
      • Keyboard: 61 keys
      • Touch Response: Light2, Light1, Normal, Hard1, Hard2
      • Sounds: 500
      • Maximum Polyphony: 54
      • Effects & Functions: Reverb (3 types), Dual Voice, Split Keyboard, Transpose (-12 to +12 semitones), Octave Shift (-1 to +1 octave), Tuning A4 (420-460Hz), 5 user presets
      • Auto Accompaniment: 100 styles (Auto chord, single/multi finger, synchronized start, A/B variations, intro/end)
      • Metronome: 1-9 beats, 4 voices, tempo range from 40-240 BPM, tap tempo
      • Pitch Bend Wheel: +2 semitones
      • "Live Music" Function: 20 "Live Music" songs
      • Demonstration Songs: 100
      • Display: TFT LCD screen 128x64 dpi
      • Connectivity: 3.5mm stereo headphone output, 6.35mm stereo auxiliary output, 3.5mm stereo auxiliary input, sustain pedal jack, USB MIDI, audio and MIDI Bluetooth
      • Speakers: 2.2"x4.9" x2, 5W x2
      • Power Supply: Rechargeable 3000mAh battery, or 12V 2A center-positive power adapter
      • Weight: 3.1 kg
      • Dimensions: 925 mm (L) x 252 mm (W) x 80 mm (H)
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