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X-tone XHF100H Systeme HF Serre Tete Frequence Fixe + X-TONE Xlr Xlr 3M

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  • X-tone Xhf100h Systeme Hf Serre Tete Frequence Fixe + X-tone Xlr Xlr 3m - Draadloze hoofdband microfoon - Main picture
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Draadloze hoofdband microfoon

the XHf100H from X-tone is a wireless microphone with belt transmitter and headband.

ideal for hands-free performances or speeches, for a clear path.
Easy to use system, it adopts the new PLL technology of double frequency synthesis conversion, avoiding noise, silent coding and powerful interference suppression.
- Stable signal transmission up to 60 meters.
- Bandwidth up to 50MHZ depending on the band and frequency compatibility evolving according to the region in which the HF system is used.
- Chassis Rack, 1/2 rack U
- Integrated antenna distributor effectively reduces interference.
- Symmetrical output on each channel.
- Automatic Infrared synchronization with the receiver.
- Sound mute circuit avoiding background noise.
- Right response curve: 50hz-18khz.

How Star's Music developed its own X-tone wireless microphone brand.

The development of high-quality wireless microphones is a complex process that requires extensive expertise in the field of professional audio.
At Star's Music, we are aware of the importance of sound quality and reliability of these microphones for artists and music professionals.
To offer exceptional wireless microphones, we closely studied the technical specifications of the microphones. We evaluated the frequency range, frequency response, signal-to-noise ratio, sensitivity, directivity, polarity, transmission power, and the quality of electronic components.
We tested different models of wireless microphones, including handheld, headset, and lapel microphones, to assess their performance and technical characteristics. We also collaborated with engineers and technicians specialized in wireless microphone design to ensure that our products are at the forefront of technology.
All our wireless microphone models are designed to provide exceptional sound quality, maximum reliability, and optimal versatility on stage or in the studio. We are proud to offer high-quality wireless microphones that meet the specific needs of musicians and audio professionals.
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  • Digitale doorgave : nee
  • Hf frequenties : manuele frequentieopzoeking
  • Receiver types: 1 channel.
  • Frequency ranges: 630-668MHZ
  • modulation type: FM
  • Receiver types: 1 channel.
  • frequency ranges: 516-541MHZ.
  • Type of oscillation: phase-locked loop
  • Radio frequency sensitivity: 6db input
  • Max Range: 60 meters in a straight line
  • Mute mode: coded sound
  • bandwidth: 50hz-18khz
  • harmonic distortion rate: <0.5%@1khz
  • display: LCD&LED screen
  • Dimensions:(mm): 210x44x181
  • Pocket transmitter:
  • type of oscillation: phase-locked loop
  • frequency ranges: 630-668MHZ.
  • Gain: Adjustable
  • Transmitting power: Max 30mw
  • Power consumption:<130ma
  • Display:LCD
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