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Tone city audio Model M Distortion V2

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Overdrive/distortion/fuzz effectpedaal

TONE CITY AUDIO Model M Distortion compact effect pedal belongs to a range of amp like overdrive and distortion pedals that are all it seems that M stands for Marshall style amplifier.
Crunch or High Gain modes allows to cover different generations of tones. In crunch mode you get all of the classic rock tones that can be found on countless blues and rock records throughout the years. In high gain mode you get a more modern JCM like tone that has a powerful midrange and as the name suggests a lot more gain. This will take you from classic rock to heavy metal and pretty much any point in between so even if you want something heavy this can deliver. Plus with the added boost function you can really take this to another level. Simple Controls When you hear about a pedal with two different gain modes as well as a boost switch your probably think it has a tonne of different knobs and switches. Nope the Model M relies on just a select few controls including Crunch Gain , High Gain Gain, Volume, Tone and Boost. Don’t let you fool this though as you can take the tone from mid boosted classic to scooped mids metal without the need of any other pedals in your rig. Features Classic British style high gain distortion Amp like dynamics Boost available when pedal is on High quality DIP components True Bypass


  • Ref : 103293
  • - TONE CITY AUDIO Model M Distortion V2
  • - SKU Tone City Audio TCAMODELM
  • - Marshall Plexi / JCM amp style distortion
  • - Made in China
  • - 2022
  • - 2x switchable modes (H & C)
  • - Mode C for Crunch : 60/70's Marshall Plexi
  • - Mode H for High Gain : 80/90's JCM
  • - Boost circuit with dedicated footswitch
  • - Controls : see pictures
  • - In/outs : see pictures
  • - True bypass
  • - Powered with optional 9VDC power supply
  • - Current draw 25 mA
  • - Does not operate on batteries
  • - 92 x 120 x 55 mm
  • - 350 g

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