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Shure SM7B

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Microphone podcast / radio

The Shure SM7b is a studio or broadcast microphone.

This SHURE SM7B cardioid dynamic microphone remains the radio world's premier reference: A classic.

Why is the SM7B the best choice?

The SM7B is the reference in FM radio studios. Ideal for close-up voice recording, such as for radio presenters or TV voice-overs. It is also often used as a vocal microphone in many albums.

Why would I want a microphone that offers protection against electromagnetic noise?

Electromagnetic noise from a computer or television monitor can cause interference in your sound if the microphone is unprotected too close to these sources.

- Uniform or adjustable frequency response for pure and natural reproduction of voice and instruments.
- Switchable bass attenuation and high-midrange emphasis (presence amplification).
- Shielded against broadband interference from computer monitors and other electrical devices-excellent rejection of electromagnetic hum.
- Internal pneumatic damper isolation virtually eliminates transmission of mechanical noise.
- Highly effective pop filter that eliminates breathing noise, even in the case of choking voices.
- The SM7B now comes with the removable A7WS windscreen, designed to reduce coughing noises, and offers a warmer sound in the recording of pocketed voices.
- Hinged stand with integrated stand adapter for easy mounting and precise microphone placement.
- Cardioid polar pattern is uniformly polarized across the frequency and symmetrical about the axis to provide maximum rejection and minimum coloration of off-axis sound.
- Rugged construction and excellent capsule protection for rock-solid reliability.
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  • Type of microphone : Dynamic
  • Microphone connector : Xlr
  • Type of membrane : Large diaphragm microphone
  • Ios compatibility : Not compatible ios
  • With tubes : No
  • Hand microphone : No
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