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Gooroo controllers liobox 2

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Midi controller

New Generation MIDI Controller for Live Performances

New Generation MIDI Controller for Live Performances

The LIOBOX2 is a MIDI controller developed to interact with ABLETON LIVE, PROTOOLS, LOGIC PRO, and all MIDI-compatible software. Songs are displayed on the screen and can be launched directly by clicking on a pad.

The interface is synchronized with the software and allows control of all transport functions in real-time (play, pause, resume, stop, rewind, fast-forward, playback).

The LIOBOX2 features native redundancy with 2 USB ports.


Connection to two computers simultaneously, thanks to its two USB ports, increasing stability of configurations without adding an additional MIDI device.

The status of the computer connection is displayed on the screen, allowing real-time monitoring for any disconnections.

AUTO CONFIG (Ableton Mode)

Automatic retrieval of all song names from the Ableton project, whether in session or arrangement mode.

The currently playing song and the next one are displayed on the high-intensity 3.5-inch color screen. Scroll through the setlist and switch to the next one with a simple touch.

Made changes to the Ableton session? The LIOBOX2 automatically resynchronizes in real-time and also informs about the playback or pause status.


Display of BPM, key, duration, and elapsed time of any song by adding it directly to the Ableton track name.

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Technisch papier

  • Specifications
  • Specifications


  • Built-in setlist function allowing reorganization of songs directly within the LIOBOX2. Setlists can be edited, renamed, and duplicated without modifying the Ableton session.

  • BANK and RGB PAD

  • Selection and customization of pad banks, providing access to 16 RGB pads.


  • Connection of a foot pedal, pad, or any other MIDI-compatible equipment to the LIOBOX2 IN mini jack port to control the triggering functions of the LIOBOX2. The LIOBOX2 OUT port can transmit MIDI signals (Program Changes, CC, notes) to instruments on stage.


  • 3.5-inch high-brightness color LCD screen with two display modes: "Dark mode" and "Day mode". Up to four display modes can be selected to retrieve only the necessary information on the screen.

  • Other Specifications

    • Chassis: 1mm painted steel
    • Knob: Black anodized aluminum with grooves and clickable
    • Screen: 3.5-inch color LCD
    • Pads: Backlit silicone on clickable button
    • Product Dimensions: 145 x 101 x 26 mm
    • Connections: 2 USB2 B + 2 midi (in and out) 3.5mm jack
    • Sold with: 1 angled USB2, 1 cotton pouch, 4 silicone pads
    • Weight: 1000 gr
    • Packaging Dimensions: 230 x 170 x 120 mm
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