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Focusrite Scarlett Solo G3

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Usb audio-interface

The simplest model in the range, the third generation Scarlett Solo, offers songwriters a simple and serene recording process. Equipped with high-performance converters, they guarantee the same professional sound quality throughout the Scarlett range.

Its features are mainly characterized by its third-generation microphone preamplifier: with a switchable Air setting to reproduce the Air effect of Focusrite's historic ISA preamplifier, giving your voice recordings a clearer and more open sound.

The high impedance and Headroom instrument input allows you to record guitars or basses without clipping or unwanted distortion, while the Halo level indicators allow you to easily adjust the input level. In addition, Scarlett Solo's balanced outputs do not generate noise when you connect studio monitors with balanced inputs. This ensures that you can enjoy perfect audio playback.

The Scarlett Solo connects directly to your Mac or PC via a USB cable, without any external power supply. It comes with all the software tools needed to get started, including two major platforms: Ableton Live Lite and Pro Tools First Creative Pack. Intuitive enough for beginners, but advanced enough to inspire real creativity and with remarkable audio effects.

Focusrite has partnered with Splice to offer a free 3-month subscription to Splice Sounds when creating a new Splice account. Splice Sounds offers millions of high-quality, royalty-free one-shot, loops and presets, as well as new daily releases from your favorite producers, sound designers and artists. Creators use Splice to create all types of music, including popular pop, Grammy award-winning albums, underground mixtapes and movie scores.

As with all Focusrite products, you will also benefit from a two-year warranty, award-winning technical support and membership in their Collective Plug-in offering free software downloads and generous discounts.
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  • DSP Nee
  • Plugins Inclus :
  • Antares Autotune Access (FULL) –exclusive –$99
  • RelabLX480 Essentials reverb –$99 [Based on the industry standard Lexicon 480L]
  • SoftubeMarshall Silver Jubilee 2555 amp and cab sim –$99
  • XLN Addictive Drums 2 –$99 [Based on TamaStarclassic, Pearl Masterworks, Pearl Signature Ferrone, Paisteand Sabian]
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  • Ableton Live Lite
  • Pro Tools | First Focusrite Creative Pack
  • 3 months free subscription to Splice Sounds with a new Splice account
  • Focusrite Red 2 & Red 3 Plug-In Suite 
  • An Addictive Keys synth among the four offered by 4 XLN Audio
  • Softube Time & Tone Bundle 
  • Access to the Focusrite Plug-in Collective
  • In the box
  • 1x Scarlett Solo 3rd generation 
  • 1 x USB cable (Type C-A)
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