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Arturia AudioFuse X8 In

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388,00 €
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Iphone / ipad audio-interface

The AudioFuse X8 In is an expander offered by the brand Arturia.

The AudioFuse X8 IN is an essential tool for producers and sound engineers looking for a greater number of high-quality line inputs. Through digital connection, the AudioFuse X8 IN provides more channels for instruments and studio equipment, enhancing studio flexibility while maintaining scalability and audio quality to meet the needs of modern music production.

Specifically, an 8-input ADAT expander allows you to expand your collection of synthesizers and instruments connected together and ready to be recorded in your DAW.

Key Features of the AudioFuse X8 In

  • Professional studio-grade audio quality
  • S-Mux: Conversion possible up to 96 KHz
  • Uses the best components available on the market today
  • Adds 8 high-end line inputs or outputs for any ADAT-equipped audio interface
  • Built to last: High-quality components
  • Half-rack format

Key Functions of the AudioFuse X8 In

Efficient Expansion

The AudioFuse X8 In offers 8 additional analog line inputs, optimizing the connectivity of your audio setup without the expense and bulk of a full audio interface.

Professional Audio Quality

The AudioFuse X8 IN offers 8 channels of premium analog to ADAT conversion up to 96 kHz, using the best available components to ensure the highest quality for your recordings.

Installation Versatility

Designed in a half-rack format, the X8 IN features removable rack ears for flexible installation. This allows for use both as a desktop unit and mounted in a standard rack, with the option to mount two units side by side to expand your setup.

Easy to Use

The front panel provides direct access to channel management, making setup and adjustments easy. A colorful LED meter provides clear visual feedback to monitor your levels.

Expert Reviews

  • The Arturia AudioFuse X8 IN represents a significant leap in professional audio expanders. With robust construction and ergonomic design, this expander offers exceptional sound quality and remarkable flexibility for musicians and producers.
  • The Arturia AudioFuse X8 IN stands out with its exceptional audio quality, extensive connectivity, and user-friendly interface, making it an ideal choice for demanding audio professionals. Whether for studio recording, mixing, or live performances, this expander meets the highest expectations for audio performance.
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Technisch papier

  • Inputs
    • 8x analog inputs to ADAT
  • Input
    • BNC Word Clock input
  • Converter
    • Latest generation AKM AD 24-bit / 96 kHz converter
  • Chassis
    • Robust ½-U Rack chassis
  • Mounting Kit
    • Mounting kit included to rack two AudioFuse X8 units together
  • Included Software
    • Analog Lab Intro
    • Pre 1973
    • Pre V76
    • Filter Mini
    • Chorus JUN-6
    • Comp FET-76
    • Delay TAPE-201
    • Rev PLATE-140
    • Phaser BI-TRON
    • Pre TridA
    • Comp DIODE-609
  • Box Contents
    • Power supply
    • Mounting kit for racking 2 X8 units together
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