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Nieuw Source audio Ultrawave Multiband Bass Processor

Multi-effecten pedaal voor bas
335.00 € 295.00 €
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Ref : 100232
- SOURCE AUDIO One Series Ultrawave Multiband Bass Processor
- SKU Source Audio SA251B
- Electric nass multiple effects
- Compact pedal
- 2021
- 37 Different Band Splitting Options including single, 2, 3, 4, 8, and 10 bands
- Each band splitting option includes several sub-sets with different band splitting frequency points
- 44 Different Distortion Types (distortion/overdrive/fuzz types including Tube, Diode, Foldback, Negative Flip Diode, Octave Up, and more)
- Dual Channel Compressor/Expander with Input Gain, Threshold, Ratio, Attack, Release, and Output Gain controls with a detailed graphic monitor
- Use the dual channel capabilities to isolate compression to specific frequencies
- Place the compressor/expander before or after the overdrive module
- Stereo Ins and Outs (create two entirely different presets and run them in series, parallel or run each to a separate output)
- Stereo options also apply to the Multiband Tremolo - use the Channel 1/Channel 2 Sync options or the Phase Offset control to create stereo ping-pong, tremolo effects
- Detailed LFO Controls (use the LFO module to control the Ultrawave's Tremolo, Morphing or Ring Mod features. Choose between a standard Sine Wave or use the Attack/Release controls to create highly customized LFO shapes)
- Sound Morphing : Change from one sound to another with an expression pedal, envelope follower or LFO
- 8 Band Graphic Equalizer
- Adjustable Noise Gate
- Assignable Knobs : Reassign all four of the Ultrawave's knobs to the parameters most useful for making quick, on-stage changes. Save a different set of knob assignments for every preset
- External Expression Pedal Control : Make simultaneous, on-the-fly changes of up to three parameters with an external expression pedal
- 6 Toggle Switch Accessible Presets : Quickly access up to 6 pedal presets with the Ultrawave's toggle switch
- Universal Bypass — Select either analog buffered or relay based True Bypass
- MIDI Capable — Connect the Ultrawave to the Source Audio Neuro Hub and access up to 128 presets with MIDI Program Change (PC) messages
- Control many of the pedal’s parameters with MIDI Continuous Controller (CC) messages or assign LFO modulation speed with MIDI Clock
- USB Port - Class compliant USB-MIDI allows the Ultrawave to work as a plug-and-play device with recording software running on Mac and Windows
- USB port offers connectivity to the Neuro Desktop Editor providing access to deep editing possibilities and pedal firmware updates
- Universal BypassTM – Select either analog buffered or relay based True Bypass
- Compact Design – The durable, anodized aluminum housing has a small footprint and sturdy hardware.
- 11.4 x 7 x 5.1cm (including knobs)
- Growing Library of Published Presets (Ultrawave Neuro Community)
- Manual : https://www.sourceaudio.net/uploads/1/1/5/1/115104065/uw_working_manual_v6.pdf


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