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Sheeran loopers Looper X

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Looper effect pedaal

Designed for composers and demanding live performers, the Sheeran Looper X is a true music creation workstation. Featuring 8 multifunctional aluminum pedals, a 7" touchscreen and RGB LED visual feedback, it offers precise, intuitive control of your loops, in the spirit of the looper used by Ed Sheeran on stage. Built-in premium multi-effects with 150 presets and 26 effect types let you explore infinite soundscapes, while the ability to record 4 stereo tracks simultaneously (with no length limit) and 7 hours of recording time on the internal memory guarantee total creative freedom. Looper X also offers 5 different performance modes to suit your playing style: Multi for free constructions, Sync for perfect synchronization, Song for precise structures, Band for complex group arrangements
and Free for total improvisational freedom. Its extensive connectivity (4 XLR/jack combos, USB-A and USB-B, MIDI 5 points, expression pedal, headphones) and robust design make it a reliable, high-performance tool for the most intense tours.
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Technisch papier

  • Discover Ed Sheeran's multitrack workflow with the Sheeran Looper X
  • 5 intuitive loop modes: Multi, Sync, Song, Band, Free
  • Customizable workflow to meet your every need
  • Quad-Core HeadRush processor
  • 32-bit floating, 24-bit/48 kHz audio processing
  • 8 high-quality cast aluminum pedals, identical to those on Ed Sheeran's looper
  • Multitouch screen with real-time indications and waveform display
  • 360° navigation encoder with RGB LED loop status indication system
  • 4 potentiometers for input gain adjustment
  • Looping capacity: up to 4 tracks
  • Loop length: unlimited
  • Number of overdub layers per loop: 99 layers with peel function, unlimited bouncing
  • Maximum overdub time per loop: unlimited
  • Undo, Peel, Reverse, Fade, Transpose, Multiply/Divide Length and Speed on the Fly functions
  • Automatic loop tempo detection and intelligent Time-Stretch maintain tone during tempo changes, without artifacts.
  • 26 individual effects and 9 different multi-effect racks with 159 different presets for guitar, voice or percussion, including automatic voice correction and auto-harmony
  • Chromatic tuner, tap tempo and click track
  • Multitouch audio mixer with fully customizable I/O routing
  • Over 300 built-in drum and percussion loops
  • Audio inputs: 4 XLR/jack combo with switchable +48V power supply, 1 minijack auxiliary
  • Controls : 1 6.35 mm jack expression pedal input, MIDI I/O and USB-A
  • Outputs: main 2x XLR and 2x 6.35 mm jack, 6.35 mm jack headphones
  • Storage: up to 7 hours of recording on on-board memory, loop import/export via SD card or USB port
  • USB 2x2 audio interface (24 bit/44.1 to 96 kHz) for live recording on Mac or PC
  • Steel chassis with matte black finish
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