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Korg Microkorg MK2

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599,00 €
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Recently, the microKORG has evolved into an enhanced version called the microKORG MK2.

The microKORG, an iconic synthesizer in Korg's history, has shaped the industry for more than two decades by becoming a standard for musicians around the world for both keyboardists and guitarists looking for a powerful, easy-to-use instrument. Renowned for its unique format and distinctive sounds, it has been widely used in legendary live performances and recordings.

The successor retains some of the iconic aspects of the original, such as its convenient size, mini keyboard and programme selection button, but offers an entirely new sound engine. The evolution also includes a 2.8-inch colour IPS LCD screen, making editing intuitive and offering instant visualisation of sound parameters. The new microKORG features a powerful vocal processor with voicing capabilities, as well as a loop recorder. All these features make the microKORG MK2 a versatile tool for music production and live performance, firmly rooted in the modern era.

Popular with musicians, engineers and producers around the world, the new microKORG MK2 combines an intuitive user interface with powerful, versatile sounds, making it the ideal synthesizer for those who want to explore the magic of music synthesis.
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Technisch papier

  • Aantal toetsen Minder dan 49 toetsen
  • Soort synthesizer Digitale modellering
  • Toetsensoort Lichte toetsen
  • Synthesis programs

  • Sound engine: Analogue modelling synthesis system
  • Number of timbres: Max. 2 (when Dual)
  • Maximum number of voices: Single 8 voices, Dual 4 voices
  • Vocal processor

  • Maximum polyphony: Vocoder 8 voices, Hard Tune 4 voices, Harmonizer 4 voices, Hard Tune & Harmonizer 2 voices
  • Effects: Modulation, delay, reverb, equaliser
  • Arpeggiator: 10 types, step-by-step arpeggiator function
  • Programs: 256 programs (4 banks x 8 categories x 8 programs)
  • Inputs/Outputs

  • OUTPUT - L/MONO, R terminals: 6.3 mm TS jack, unbalanced
  • HEADPHONES jack: 6.3 mm stereo telephone jack, unbalanced
  • MIC IN - CONDENSER: +5V 3.5 mm TRS mini-phone jack, unbalanced
  • MIC IN - DYNAMIC: TS 6.3 mm phone plug, unbalanced
  • AUX IN: 3.5 mm stereo mini-phone jack, unbalanced
  • DAMPER/SWITCH: 6.3 mm phone plug
  • USB Type C
  • Display: 2.8" IPS LCD screen
  • Power supply: 9V DC (AC adapter), six AA batteries (alkaline or NiMH)
  • Battery life: Approx. 4 hours or more (with alkaline batteries)
  • Included items: Condenser microphone, AC adapter (DC 9V)
  • Accessories (sold separately) : DS-1H sustain pedal, PS-1 pedal switch, PS-3 pedal switch
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