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Heritage audio i73 PRO One

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Usb audio-interface

The i73® PRO One audio interface aims to provide musicians, producers, and sound engineers with an easy path to the analog experience that has inspired music creation since the early 1970s. The i73® PRO One incorporates the same Class A transformer-balanced circuitry as Heritage Audio's classic 73-style preamps, giving end users the ability to record with all that mojo and classic vibe, but for the first time, directly from the i73 onto a computer.

Heritage Audio Studio Quality
The very first USB-C interface with an integrated 73-style preamp coupled with pure Class A transformer is finally a reality, making the complete analog experience of the golden age of recording accessible to everyone, anywhere, and anytime. Like all Heritage Audio 73-style preamps, there are three input options so that end users can run vocals through the MIC preamp with up to 70 dB of gain, an electric guitar or bass through the fast and dynamic JFET DI, or through the LINE inputs. The 'i73® PRO interfaces allow end users to route any signal to a digital audio workstation with true studio quality.

A Complete Analog Experience
A Class A 73-style preamp is just the first step to achieving that complete analog experience Heritage Audio was aiming for... a low-latency monitoring mixing console was developed from the ground up so that the end user always hears what they need, whether through speakers or headphones, each with their own independent mix configurable in the MIXER embedded in the i73® PRO interfaces. To push the experience even further, the i73® PRO One allows real-time track processing in Heritage Audio's MIXER with an ever-expanding set of tools modeled after Heritage Audio's own external and private equipment collection, running internally on the interface's DSP. Record DRY and WET signals from the MIXER to your DAW simultaneously. You can even insert third-party native plugins via the MIXER's auxiliary channels. The i73® PRO One gives its users the right tools to control their work like in the days of recording studios, straight out of the box, so they can capture tracks in their DAW and finish the job by leveraging a modern home studio workflow.

Focus on the Essentials, Your Music
In the golden age of studios, recording and control were done with a limited set of tools, favoring quality over quantity and thus prompting musicians and engineers to focus on music rather than technology. All the classic recordings of the 1960s and 1970s only needed a musician, a good microphone, powerful preamps, an equalizer, compression, and the unique warmth of a tape recorder to create the sound of hits we grew up with. Heritage Audio's complete analog experience: refocusing on music creation with a complete set of ready-to-use tools that enable any musician or engineer to record with true studio quality anywhere.

Vintage Sound at Your Fingertips
In trying to define what made the golden age of recording studios so appealing, even by today's standards, Heritage Audio noticed that these legendary studios used just the right amount of equipment during recording, focusing solely on music and the musician. The i73® PRO brings this concept to every musician's home studio by providing them with the right tools for monitoring their work, straight out of the box. That's why they all come with a collection of DSP-powered recording effects (BRITSTRIP, H240 GOLD FOIL VERB, HA1200 TAPESAT, HA15PRO bass amp, HERITAGE TAPEOPLEX, SMALL RECORDING AMP SERIAL# C 17744), modeled after Heritage Audio's own external cards and Heritage Audio's private collection of vintage gear. These unique DSP-powered audio effects are also provided in native form with an easy recall function so that everyone can capture tracks in their DAW (both processed and unprocessed) and finish the job by leveraging a modern home studio workflow.
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Technisch papier

  • DSP Nee
  • Additional Specifications:
  • USB-C audio interface with 2 inputs / 4 outputs.
  • 1× Class A style 73 preamp with up to 70dB of gain for true studio-quality recordings. Microphone/line input on XLR combo jack and a JFET DI Hi-Z instrument input.
  • 1 additional line input.
  • Stereo analog monitor output on TRS, independently controlled by Heritage Audio's MIXER.
  • Independent stereo headphone output with dedicated CUE.
  • Recording, mixing, and playback up to 24 bits/192 kHz.
  • +48V PHANTOM power, PAD, and PHASE functions.
  • MONO, MUTE, and DIM functions.
  • Mini-DIN MIDI IN/OUT connector.
  • Classic and attractive design of the European console.
  • Compatible with MacOS and Windows 10 and 11. The same hardware works for both PC and Mac.
  • Direct monitoring with Heritage Audio's MIXER, processed in real-time with imperceptible latency.
  • Full analog experience powered by DSP for real-time tracking processing with undetectable latency.
  • Includes a growing collection of Heritage Audio effects modeled after Heritage Audio's own external cards and Heritage Audio's private equipment collection.
  • Capable of recording WET and DRY streams from the MIXER to your DAW simultaneously.
  • Cutting-edge AD/DA conversion.
  • USB-C connection to the computer (cable included).
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