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Astrolab: Un Voyage Musical Sans Limites

Astrolab is the culmination of 25 years of passion, innovation, and effort in an unbridled quest for musical exploration. From essential performance instruments, responding to each strike like the originals, to iconic keyboards from music history and synthesizers capable of creating futuristic textures – Find the perfect sound instantly, stay in the zone, and create your own creative spirit in an excursion beyond space and time. For all musicians and producers who use a large number of tools, instruments, and custom sounds in their studio, recreating this for a live performance is not always simple. This is where Astrolab comes in, offering both minimalist, robust design and workflow-focused technology that allows you to easily integrate all your sounds.

An Universe of Iconic Sounds

Astrolab comes with over 1300 built-in presets, powered by 10 Arturia sound engines like Virtual Analog, Wavetable, or Granular. Instant access, an unparalleled sound library, as well as the ability to integrate your own – extendable through the Sound Store or complementary software.

A Reliable Stage Keyboard

Astrolab allows you to transition seamlessly from studio to stage and back, without compromising on playability and sound quality. Every aspect of Astrolab has been designed with live performance in mind.

Produce, Rehearse, Perform

Focus on performance with the simple yet powerful controls of Astrolab. It includes quick sound selection, 4 macros with multiple functions, customizable FX buttons, and innovative play modes to help you stay on track and inspire new ideas.

Stay in Control on the Road

Customize and organize your sounds even on the go with the Astrolab mobile app, bringing the comfort of mobile technology to your creative process. Edit your playlists and explore new sounds with the Sound Store, all in perfect independence from your computer or DAW.

Professional Software Included

Adjust, record, and design custom sounds for Astrolab using its software counterpart. Analog Lab Pro extends the sound range and power of Astrolab to meet all your needs.

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Technisch papier

  • Aantal toetsen 61 toetsen
  • Pianokleur Wit
  • Toetsensoort Half-gewogen toetsen
  • Keyboard
    • 61 semi-weighted keys
    • Full-sized piano-style keys
  • 10 Sound Engines
    • Virtual Analog
    • Samples
    • Wavetable
    • FM
    • Granular
    • Physical modelling
    • Vector Synthesis
    • Harmonic
    • Phase distortion
    • Vocoder
  • Sounds
    • Over 1300 integrated sounds
    • Over 10,000 sounds via Arturia software
  • Control and Navigation
    • Wheel with integrated screen for easy navigation
    • 10 preset buttons for quick access
    • 4 macro controllers for smooth editing
  • Effects
    • 17 insert effects
    • 2 master effects Delay/Reverb
    • 4 dedicated potentiometers to control FX
  • Connectivity
    • Split or Layer keyboard
    • MIDI i/o, audio input, and control pedal I/o
    • USB-C and USB-A host connection
    • Bluetooth audio and WiFi for wireless control
  • Features
    • Arpeggiator, Looper, Chord & Scale modes
  • Included Software
    • Take advantage of the Astrolab software ecosystem, which simplifies usage, offers numerous controls, new customizations, and a wide range of additional sound palettes.
    • AstroLab Connect (iOS + Android)
    • Analog Lab Pro
  • Compatibility
    • Compatible with V Collection and Pigments (not included)
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