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Yamaha CLP-885 - polished ebony

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Digitale piano met meubel

The CLP-885 is a digital upright piano offered by Yamaha.

The flagship upright piano model of the Clavinova CLP series, featuring the best touch and sound in the series, allows you to enjoy rich expressiveness.

The Clavinova CLP digital pianos are designed to replicate the feel and experience of a grand piano on a digital instrument, combining the latest digital technology with over 120 years of piano craftsmanship.

The new CLP-800 series incorporates several new technologies at every stage of the process, in order to replicate the complex interactions that occur inside a grand piano and offer the pianist an unprecedented experience on a digital instrument.

Highlights of the CLP-885

  • Grand Acoustic Imaging technology with spatial sound that creates the ambiance of a grand piano.
  • Thanks to the new sound generator chip, Virtual Resonance Modeling (VRM) technology produces richer and more natural resonance in this new generation series.
  • A new sound generator chip provides the most sumptuous and innovative piano sounds to date.
  • Grand Expression Modeling technology now produces even more sound nuances based on the pianist's technique.

Key Features of the CLP-885

GrandTouch Keyboards and Pedals

The GrandTouchTM and GrandTouch-STM keyboards have been developed to recreate the feel of a grand piano keyboard as faithfully as possible. In the CLP-800, the weight, shape, materials, and movement of the internal parts have been adjusted so that the perceived resistance at the fingertips is even closer to that of a grand piano mechanism. The new GrandTouchTM pedals in the CLP-800 series not only resemble grand piano pedals, but they also allow musicians to feel the same resistance under their feet as on a grand piano when pressing and releasing them.

The Excellence of a Piano

The CLP-800 series is equipped with a new sound generator chip developed by Yamaha, with superior computing power, allowing for the most sumptuous and highest quality piano sounds to date. It offers the sounds of two world-renowned concert grand pianos: the CFX, Yamaha's premium concert grand piano, and the Bösendorfer Imperial, with its famous warm Viennese sound.

Great Sound and Great Design

The CLP-800 series is the closest to a grand piano, not only in terms of feel and sound but also in terms of design. They feature the many soft curves that make the grand piano such a refined instrument. The wider music stand does not interfere with the dialogue with the music but is also very functional, as it can hold multiple spread-out scores. Finally, the LED display on the control panel of the high-end models is designed to turn off when not in use, thus eliminating unnecessary elements from the pianist's field of vision.

The Benefits of a Digital World

Bluetooth function, binaural sampling with headphones, record your performances, compatible with the Smart Pianist app, rhythm tracks to play along with. So many possibilities thanks to the digital features of the CLP-800 series.

Advanced Speaker Technology

While grand pianos amplify sound through their large soundboards and bodies, digital pianos amplify sound through their speakers. To compensate for this structural limitation, by applying the knowledge and techniques acquired over more than 120 years of acoustic piano manufacturing, Yamaha has optimized the placement, orientation, and volume balance of the speakers in the low, mid, and high-frequency ranges of the CLP-800 series.

Enhanced VRM Technology

The CLP-800 series pianos reproduce richer and more natural resonance than ever before, thanks to the new sound generator chip combined with the revolutionary Virtual Resonance Modeling (VRM) technology. VRM technology creates a rich and varied sound by simulating the complex sympathetic tones created when string vibrations propagate to the soundboard and other strings, based on the timing and intensity of the keys and pedals.

Our Experts' Reviews

  • The touch of the keys on this digital piano is hardly distinguishable from that of an acoustic piano. The sound seems deeper and more resonant than that of an upright piano.
  • Piano sounds with a lot of dynamism and sound subtleties. An experienced pianist will probably notice the difference with an acoustic piano, but they will certainly enjoy playing this one too!
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Technisch papier

  • Aantal toetsen 88 toetsen
  • Pianokleur Zwart
  • Pianosoort Recht
  • Toetsensoort Gewogen toetsen
  • Sound
    • CFX and Bösendorfer Imperial sampling
    • CFX and Bösendorfer Imperial Binaural sampling
    • 4 pianoforte sounds
    • Enhanced VRM (Virtual Resonance Modeling) technology
    • Enhanced Grand Expression Modeling technology
    • 256-note polyphony
    • 53 Sounds + 14 Drum/SFX Kits + 480 XG + GM2 sounds
  • Touch and Pedals
    • GrandTouchTM keyboard with synthetic ebony and ivory keys (white keys are wooden)
    • Escapement mechanism
    • Counterweights
    • Linear grading
    • GrandTouchTM pedals
    • GP Response Damper Pedal System
  • And More
    • Packaging dimensions: 78 x 81 x 158 cm
    • Weight: 122 kg
    • Equipped with a 198 x 100 LCD screen
    • Touch control panel
    • Dual / Split / Duo function
    • Reverb / Chorus / Brilliance effects + insertion effects
    • 25 demo songs + 50 piano songs + 303 lesson songs
    • 20 rhythms
    • 16-track recording
    • USB audio recording (Playback / Recording: WAV)
    • 2 headphone jacks
    • Amplification: 2 x (45W + 30W + 40W)
    • Speakers: 2 x (16 cm + 8 cm + 2.5 cm (dome) with bidirectional horns)
    • Speakers with spruce cone (spruce wood type)
    • Intelligent Acoustic Control (IAC) technology
    • Automatic sound equalization adjustment according to volume
    • Stereophonic Optimizer technology (natural sound diffusion through headphones)
    • Music stand with clips
    • Bluetooth MIDI / Bluetooth Audio
    • Wireless connection to the Smart Pianist app via Bluetooth MIDI
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