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Roland FANTOM 8 EX

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The Fantom 8 ex is an 88-key synthesizer offered by Roland.

This revolutionary update takes your music experience to new heights, with an expanded feature set and exceptional sound quality.

The Strong Points of the Roland Fantom 8 ex:

  • Premium Roland construction for sturdy, durable construction for years of musical enjoyment.
  • 88-key weighted hammer-action keyboard with aftertouch: comfortable and expressive gaming experience for impeccable musical performances.
  • Quick access to creative environments: single clicks to instantly navigate between different sections.
  • Iconic sounds: precise reproduction of the legendary Jupiter-8 and SH-101 thanks to improved ACB technology.
  • Outstanding pianos: V-Piano and SuperNATURAL for high-quality concert and studio performances.
  • Incredible new sounds: expansions for JD-800 and n/zyme synthesizers to explore new sonic frontiers.
  • Powerful ZEN-Core engine for limitless creativity.
  • Optimized DAW integration: updated profiles for Cubase and Studio One for a smooth workflow.
  • User-friendly interface: easy and intuitive to use for immediate handling.

The Features of the Roland Fantom 8 ex:

Sounds of concert pianos:

Acoustic pianos are essential for keyboard players. The FANTOM EX incorporates our latest V-Piano and SuperNATURAL technologies to offer pianos of exceptional sound quality and realism. The V-Piano interface has been improved to be more user-friendly, and the RD-2000's German Concert V-Piano 01 extension is already installed. In addition to the basic SuperNATURAL acoustic and electric pianos, a new SuperNATURAL Acoustic Piano 3 expansion is available.

Integration with software sequencer:

The Fantom 8 EX piano easily connects to any computer music setup. It offers touch controllers and special modes for popular software such as Ableton Live, Logic Pro, MainStage, Cubase and Studio One. With its built-in 16x3 USB audio/MIDI interface, you can mix and layer software synths with physical sounds, send sequences to recording tracks, route sounds from software to FANTOM EX effects, and more.

A real sampler:

With the Roland Fantom 8EX, you can use internal and external sounds simultaneously, trigger them with the pads or keyboard, and create layered samples of up to 352 per sound. You can even integrate them into ZEN-Core sounds for innovative sound design.

High Resolution Physical Controllers:

The Fantom 8ex is equipped with numerous high-resolution knobs and sliders for precise and intuitive control of the finest parameters, allowing you to express your creativity in a fluid and dynamic way.

ACB: Analog Circuit behavior:

ACB (Analog Circuit Behavior) brings the authentic tones of analog instruments to life in a digital world. It faithfully recreates circuits and the interactions between their components. The Roland fantom 7ex includes three ACB instruments with the latest enhancements, such as Circuit Mod and Condition functions.

High quality effects in Fantom 8EX

The FANTOM 8 EX is equipped with a variety of effects from the Roland range, ready to add color, width and depth to your tracks. New Modulation and Shimmer reverb algorithms deliver quality comparable to the best standalone reverbs available. Additionally, the Master FX effects processor includes new preset models that are even easier to use, as well as new graphical interfaces for the compression and EQ mastering sections.

Modeling extensions

n/zyme is a new, ultra-modern musical instrument with a brand new sound generator from Roland. It combines different elements to allow you to create music creatively. It includes sounds inspired by classic Roland instruments like the JD-800, JUNO-106, JUPITER-8, JX-8P and SH-101, but with more possibilities for today's musicians.

Rear panel connectivity:

The rear panel of the Roland fantom 8EX provides versatile connectivity with almost any type of device. You can connect mics and instruments to the XLR combo connectors, while eight 1/4-inch jack outputs are available for directing sounds to external equipment. Easily control MIDI instruments and software synths from the touchscreen, and even drive modular and analog synthesizers with dual CV/Gate outputs.

The opinion of our experts:

  • The Roland Fantom 8 EX is much more than just a keyboard. It is a powerful and versatile tool designed to unleash your creativity and push the boundaries of your musical expression.
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Technisch papier

  • Aantal toetsen 88 toetsen
  • Soort synthesizer Analoog
  • Toetsensoort Gewogen toetsen
  • Premium Synthesizers Range
    • Powered by the latest technologies
  • User Interface
    • Powerful and intuitive, designed for barrier-free creation
  • Roland Sound Generators
    • ACB, ZEN-Core, V-Piano, SuperNATURAL, Virtual ToneWheel
  • Built-in Sounds
    • Over 7000 sounds from Roland's historic collection
  • ACB Extensions
    • JUPITER-8, SH-101, JX-3P
  • Modeling Extensions
    • n/zyme, JD-800, JUNO-106, JUPITER-8, JX-8P, SH-101
  • V-Piano
    • Featuring a new user interface, with the pre-installed German Concert V-Piano 01 extension
  • SuperNATURAL Piano Generator
    • With pre-installed SuperNATURAL Acoustic Piano 3 extension
  • Virtual ToneWheel Organs
    • From the Roland VK range
  • Effects Library
    • Many new effects, including studio-quality Shimmer Reverb and Modulation Reverb
  • Master FX Processor
    • Enhanced with ready-to-use presets and an improved interface for Mastering Comp and Mastering EQ
  • Vocoder
    • 32-band Stereo
  • Sequencing Tools
    • Clip-based operation, TR-REC step sequencer, Piano Roll editing, and more
  • Advanced Sampling
    • One-shot playback, keyboard note pitch assignment, and multi-sampling capabilities
  • Touchscreen and Control Panel
    • Large color touchscreen and ergonomic control panel with numerous sliders, buttons, and rotary knobs
  • RGB Pads
    • 16 RGB pads for triggering sounds, samples, and clips
  • Connectivity
    • Multi-channel audio inputs/outputs, MIDI input/output, two CV/Gate outputs, and USB
  • Audio/MIDI Interface
    • 16x3 via USB
  • Software Control Modes
    • Dedicated to Ableton Live, Logic Pro, MainStage, Cubase, and Studio One
  • Sound Packs and Waveform Extensions
    • Roland Cloud's ZEN-Core
  • Update
    • FANTOM EX Upgrade available on Roland Cloud for owners of older FANTOM models
  • Keyboard
    • Premium 88-key fully weighted hammer-action with aftertouch
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