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Drummer X2 Pedal

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The MOOER AUDIO Drummer X2 Dual-footswitch Drum Machine Pedal is a powerful practice and live performance tool that provides players with a fully customizable groove station featuring 121 different drum grooves, 11 song banks, and a full array of EQ and parameter adjustments that can be made on the fly.

The Drummer X2 let guitarists employ the popular drum grooves from 11 different genres of music, with 11 different groove variations from each genre. Favorite grooves and tempos can easily be saved in one of the 11 song banks, each with 7 customized rhythm slots so they can quickly be recalled later. For fast cycling through presets, the Drummer X2 also supports external footswitches. In addition to the SPEED, GENRE, LEVEL, and PATTERN knobs, the Drummer X2 also boasts an EQ knob for making quick adjustments on the fly and for increasing compatibility with FRFR and non-FRFR devices. Timing can also alternatively be adjusted by utilizing the TAP TEMPO function with the right footswitch or external footswitch.

The Drummer X2 features a two-footswitch UI for fast toggling on/off, scrolling through drum grooves, and queuing up a fill using the FILL function, triggered by the right footswitch, all handled comfortably while playing. Specialized editor software is available to easily manage presets and update firmware and can be downloaded from the official MOOER website. Like with other X2 devices, the Drummer X2 includes Stereo I/O and a ¼” External Control out for connecting a footswitch.11 different musical genres with 11 different grooves from each style.
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Ref : 107036
- MOOER AUDIO Drummer X2 Dual-Footswitch Drum Machine Pedal
- SKU Mooer Audio DRUMMERX2
- 2023
- 11 customized song banks for fast playback
- Each song bank has 7 customized rhythm slots, switched via a footswitch
- FILL function for adding variation during play
- TAP TEMPO function for speed setting
- Support external footswitch control
- EQ knob for quickly adjusting tone for various output devices and environments
- Specialized editor software for preset management, firmware update
- Included power supply, cuns. 300 mA
- Doesn't work with batteries
- 115 x 75 x 33 mm
- 310 g
- USB-C > USB-A cable included
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