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Mobiele pa- systeem

The Mackie ShowBox is a battery-powered portable sound system with a remote mixer.

The ShowBox by Mackie is more than just a battery-powered live performance system. It's a versatile powerhouse that allows you to achieve high-quality live sound effortlessly, anywhere you go. Explore its features:

A Complete System:
Have everything at your fingertips with the remote mixer controller, mounted on your microphone stand and neatly stored in the ShowBox. Control microphone and instrument levels, effects, tonal correction, snapshots, looper, tuner, and much more.

Powerful, Compact, and Portable:
The Mackie ShowBox delivers up to 12 hours of powerful live sound with a 400 W amplifier, custom speakers, and the included battery. With 6 input channels for microphones and instruments, the ShowBox is the all-in-one solution for singer-songwriters and small groups.

More than Just a Portable Sound System:
The ShowBox goes beyond a typical portable speaker. It offers creative tools to shape your sound, including "PA" and "amp" audio profiles, an effects loop for your pedals, a parametric equalizer, a compressor, and two internal effects processors.

Ultra-Connected Sound System:
The ShowBox Mackie lets you connect with your audience wherever they are. Simplify your live setup by recording to an SD card, streaming via USB-C, and using Bluetooth® to play backing tracks (or music during a well-deserved break).
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Technisch papier

  • Category: public address
  • Loudspeaker diameter: N.C
  • Power: 400 W
  • Type: stand-alone
  • Complementary specs :
  • Feedback eliminator ;
  • Audio profiles for indoor and outdoor use;
  • Audio profiles for use as amplifiers or PA systems;
  • USB-C interface for live streaming/recording;
  • MicroSD card recording;
  • 2 XLR microphone inputs ;
  • 2 instrument inputs on 6.35 mm jack;
  • 6.35 mm stereo line input;
  • External effects loop with send and return;
  • Bluetooth streaming ;
  • 3.5 mm mini-jack auxiliary input;
  • 2-button pedal socket;
  • 6.35 mm headphone output;
  • Mix output on XLR
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