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Igs audio Tubecore 3U

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Compressor / limiter / gate

The Tubecore 3U is a compressor offered by the brand IGS Audio.

The Highlights of the Tubecore 3U

  • The TUBECORE magically enhances your mix by adding density and dimension.
  • Carefully designed over hundreds of hours to offer ease of use and versatility, it represents a significant advancement in audio processing.

The Key Features of the Tubecore 3U

THE Compressor

The TUBECORE is a fully balanced stereo mastering compressor, equipped with a calibrated transformer and based on a classic vari-mu architecture. In addition to the INPUT, THRESHOLD, and OUTPUT controls, it includes a switchable high-pass filter in the sidechain, a parallel compression function (via the MIX knob), independent settings for ATTACK and RELEASE, and user-replaceable tubes accessible at the rear of the unit.

Build Quality

Each TUBECORE unit is hand-assembled with premium components such as 1% metal film resistors and Wima capacitors. The NOS 6N1P-EW (6N3P-EW) tubes are carefully selected, and each unit is individually calibrated, offering an authentic sound experience with one of the best vari-mu compressors ever created. IGS Custom Made audio transformers ensure optimal performance.

Expert Reviews

  • The IGS Audio Tubecore 3U compressor is a true gem of analog engineering. Its tube-based circuit offers warmth and musicality often lacking in digital compressors. One of the strengths of this compressor is its versatility. Whether for vocals, guitars, or drums, the Tubecore 3U excels in all situations. The precise parameter control allows for subtle or aggressive compression, depending on the production needs. The build quality is exceptional, ensuring long-term durability. I highly recommend it to all sound professionals looking to enrich their sonic palette.
  • The IGS Audio Tubecore 3U compressor is a technological marvel that delivers professional results with great ease of use. The intuitive controls allow for quickly achieving the desired sound without spending hours fine-tuning the settings. The compressor's response is quick and musical, making dynamic processing more natural.
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Technisch papier

  • Based on
    • typical Vari-Mu
  • Transformers
    • fully balanced
  • Switchable high-pass filter
    • in the Sidechain
  • Parallel compression
    • (mix knob)
  • Separate adjustable attack
    • and release
  • User-replaceable tubes
    • by the user
  • VU-meter level display
    • VU-meter
  • 24-pole Elma switches
    • 24-pole Elma
  • Mid/Side processor
    • Mid/Side
  • Connectors
    • balanced XLR input, balanced XLR output
  • External power supply
    • external power supply
  • Rack format
    • 19" rack - 3U


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