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Golden age PREQ-73 PREMIER

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639,00 €
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The PREQ-73 PREMIER is a preamp offered by the Golden Age brand.

The PREQ-73 PREMIER is a vintage-style mono preamplifier designed for microphones, lines and instruments. It is equipped with a three-band equalizer including inductive mids for smooth and effective sound coloring. The signal path uses exclusively discrete components such as resistors, capacitors and transistors. The mic and line inputs as well as the line output are transformer balanced, using three different transformers, each optimized for its function. This design is based on audio components designed before the advent of integrated circuits.

Inspired by the legendary 1073 module, the PREQ-73 PREMIER's circuitry offers a preamp and EQ section that capture its warm, punchy, smooth and musical character. These iconic qualities have marked countless recordings over the decades, providing exceptional versatility suitable for a wide variety of sound sources and musical genres. Now available at a surprisingly affordable price, this sound essence is accessible to everyone.
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Technisch papier

  • Soort voorversterker Transistor
  • Suitable for Signal Levels
    • Microphone, line, and instrument
  • Design
    • Discreet
  • Signal Path
    • No integrated circuits
  • Max Input Gain
    • Microphone: 80 dB, Line: -20 to +10 dB
  • Switchable Impedance
    • 1200 or 300 Ohm
  • Phantom Power
    • +48V switchable
  • Polarity
    • Switchable
  • 2-Band Equalizer
    • LF and HF with 2 selectable frequencies
  • Central Equalizer
    • Coil-based with 3 selectable frequencies
  • Combined Input
    • XLR/6.3 mm jack
  • Outputs
    • XLR and 6.3 mm jack
  • Format
    • Half-rack 9.5" - 1U
  • Power Supply
    • Delivered with power supply
  • Two-band Equalizer
    • LF (+/-15 dB) and HF (+/-20 dB) with two selectable frequencies for each band
  • Midrange Equalization Section
    • +/- 15 dB inductance-based with three selectable frequencies. Lowest frequency selectable between 350 and 700 Hz
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