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Black lion audio PG-P

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The PG-P is a portable power conditioner offered by the Black Audio Lion brand.

This device includes six filtered and surge-protected outputs, ensuring clean and stable power, essential for sound quality and equipment longevity. With a protection capacity of 540 joules, the PG-2 Type F is perfectly equipped to defend against voltage fluctuations and current spikes, protecting sensitive connected devices. EU Type F combination sockets with earthing are suitable for a wide range of equipment, providing extensive compatibility across Europe.

The PG-2 Type F's rugged housing is built to withstand the demands of touring and studios, ensuring exceptional durability. The 3 meter power cord provides significant flexibility for easily positioning the conditioner in any professional audio setup. Compact, easy to transport and install, this power conditioner is an ideal choice for audio professionals who travel frequently or work in tight spaces.
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Technisch papier

  • Filtered and Protected Outlets
    • 6 filtered and surge-protected outlets
  • Joule Rating
    • 540 joules
  • Combined Sockets
    • EU type F with grounding
  • Status LEDs
    • Grounding, surge protection, and filtering status
  • Housing
    • Solid
  • Power Cord
    • 5 m
  • Noise Reduction
    • Background noise reduction
  • Extended Equipment Life
    • Prolongs equipment lifespan
  • Design
    • Compact and portable
  • Dimensions
    • 245 x 115 x 44 mm (L x W x H)