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<b><center>A4V & A7V</center></b>

A4V & A7V

The new ADAM monitoring speakers have just arrived!

A4V :
The A4V is the smallest of the new A-series speakers. It is intended for small studios, bedrooms, rooms where the listening distance is reduced. It is a 2-way speaker equipped with an X-ART tweeter and a 4" woofer made of multilayer mineral fibre. Among the options, you can rotate the waveguide to place your speaker horizontally or vertically. It has on-board DSP tuning options to allow you to optimise your listening experience.

A7V :
The A7V is the worthy heir to the best-selling reference from the previous series: the A7X! This two-way monitor combines a 7" woofer and an X-ART tweeter. The A7V features the same options as the A4V, namely the swivel waveguide and the optimal settings via DSP.


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